We’re always on the side of honesty without forgetting that the basic reality is: Human being and environment.




We were founded on the base of knowledge and experiences of professionals who dedicated their lives to steel. We aim to expand into the top 3 in the Turkey’s Flat Steel market by sustainable improvements. We esteemed ourselves to create difference with our innovations and to produce the unproduced a duty. We, with our technological investments, are walking to the future with confidence to realize our long-term goals one of which is being to become the “Locomotive of Iron and Steel” as the developing sector of our country.


As a corporate family organization; we see all our teammates as a member of our family who are working hard from the raw material stage to the end product and we embrace the Servant Leadership philosophy. We support all our business regions that we have enterprises with our professional experience and knowledge and with the same care expend at our homes.



  • Corporate and modern management based on knowledge and experience,
  • Professional, educated, experienced and participatory employees,
  • High-quality, honest and secure service mentality,
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • Fair competition mentality
  • Environment and human sensitivity,
  • Family corporate culture,



Our Vision

To be in the top 3 of The Turkish Flat Steel Market


Our Mission

Beating the competition by his innovativeness, to become the Locomotive of Iron and Steel industry as the developing sector of our country.


Our Quality Policy

For the purpose of meeting the customer requirements above the standards we are;


  • Acting in accordance with the Quality Management systems,
  • Making continuous improvement by observing the results,
  • Giving full support to realize our targets


Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy:


We care the health and safety of our employees’, suppliers’ and visitors’ at supreme importance and as the most vital issue. We;


  • Abide all laws, legislations and regulations related to occupational health and career ,
  • Make all necessary risk analysis periodically, to prevent job risks,
  • Provide all means to work in a healthy and safety site conditions,
  • Make continuous improvement by continuous monitoring,
  • Conduct all necessary educations and implementations.
  • Hold the OHSAS 18001 certifications approved by TÜV Rheinland organization, on the occupational health and safety subject 


Our Environment Policy:


As an organization serving both nationally and internationally; one of our main objectives is to sustain a livable environment and natural resources for the future generations. Within this context our environmental policy is to improve our effectiveness on all parties and areas, effected, using all channels of communications and by;


  • Preventing environmental pollution by minimizing wastes and maximizing recycling,
  • Using exhaustible natural resources on-site efficiently,
  • Abiding all laws, legislations and regulations,
  • Increasing the environmental sensitivity of our personnel by training.


Our Energy Policy:


On the base of philosophy of sustainability of the limited energy resources, our energy policy is to prevent global warming and to decrease the environmental effects for leaving a livable environment and natural resources for the future generations. Our tools, for this purpose are;


  • Continuous improvement of the performance of the energy resources,
  • To provide all national and international information and sources related to the subject,
  • Making improvements in utilizing, consumption and efficiency of energy by abiding all laws, legislations and regulations,
  • To prefer the new equipment  or spare parts in accordance with  the energy consumption criteria’s, 
  • To train all the personnel  working on the subject and make them conscious of the importance of the purpose,