Products obtained by rolling hot-rolled and pickled steels. Production can be made within the range of 0,23-3,00 mm thickness. Cold rolled products are able to meet the different demands of our customers operating in the industrial area.


Cold rolled low carbon steels are used in areas where strength, toughness and ductility coexist, such as the manufacture of automotive, white goods, radiators, and ventilation equipment. The materials in this group are also suitable for hot dip galvanizing, phosphating, painting, and electrolytic coatings.


Low alloyed high strength steels have higher strength and impact resistance than low carbon steels. Because of these properties, they are used in the automotive industry for the support and manufacturing of fasteners. They can also be used in thinner thicknesses due to their high strength values. With these features, they provide lightness and economy.


Enamel steels with deep drawability properties are suitable for single or double layer coating and baking after rolling. These materials include pots, mini ovens and grills etc. manufacturing.





Our cold rolled products can be produced in the following forms.


It is given in the form of annealed or full hard.

  • Roller (Trimmed or untrimmed edges)
  • Shredded roller
  • Cut-to-length (Trimmed or untrimmed edges)



  • Thickness, width and length values are nominal unless otherwise specified.
  • Depending on the inner diameter of the coil, 508 or 610 mm (± 10 mm).


Surface Protection:

  • Oiling: The protective oil on the product surface is present at the following ratios (total two surfaces). Normal oiling values are applied unless otherwise specified. Special, low-oil, heavy-oil requirements may be considered subject to negotiation.

Low Oil: 800 mg / m2

Normal Oil: 1600 mg / m2

Heavy Oil: 2400 mg / m2


  • The period of guarantee that corrosion will not occur in cold products whose surface has been preserved at least at the level of "normal oil" is 6 months from the date of notification.
  • Gazi Metal does not offer cold products without oil or normal low oil surface. Gazi Metal will not be responsible for the risk of corrosion on the surface if surface-free or low-oil products are requested.
  • Gazi Metal is not responsible for the risk of corrosion due to non-welded storage and shipping.


Surface Quality:

According to EN 10130 standard, ‘A’ surface quality.

A surface: Defects that do not affect the pore, lightly submerged, minor traces, minor scratches and slight discoloration and which do not affect the surface coating are allowed.


Surface View:

The surface of the product may be lustrous, semi-lustrous, normal or rough. Unless otherwise stated, the surface of the product is normal. Other roughness values are subject to discussion.


Surface View and Roughness Values


Surface View


Roughness Value (Cut Off: 0.8 mm)



Ra ≤ 0.40 µm



Ra ≤ 0.90 µm



0.6 μm < Ra ≤ 1.9 μm



Ra > 1,6 μm



Our cold products are suited to standard welding processes.


Conformity to Surface Coating:

Our cold products are often designed in accordance with metallic or organic coating or other coating methods by hot dipping or electrolytic methods.