The rectangular slabs produced by the continuous casting method are flat steel products obtained by rolling by heating to a certain temperature. Products ranging from 1.40 to 25.00 mm thickness. Hot rolled products are able to meet different demands and expectations of our customers operating in the industrial area.

Wheel and chassis steels: It is used in the production of rims and chassis parts which require both high strength and superior formability, which is the basic input of automotive.

Structural steels: General structural steels which can be welded by conventional methods with ductility and toughness by guaranteeing their mechanical properties are mostly used in construction machines and, general construction plates, land and railway vehicles, storage tanks and containers.

Boiler Steels: It is used in the manufacture of pressure vessels and boilers, in the production of pressure and steam exposed pipes, in industrial thermal vessels and in the manufacture of heat exchangers.




Hot rolled products are delivered in states of:



With trimmed or untrimmed edges


Thickness, width and length values are nominal unless otherwise specified.

Internal diameter 762 mm (+/- 7%) for rolled or untrimmed rolled products

Surface Quality

For surface defects in hot rolled products, EN 10163-2 (Class B Subclass 3) standard is guaranteed.


Using the carbon-equivalent formulation commonly used in the literature, the formula results can be interpreted as follows to give a general indication of the weldability of hot-rolled steels. However, in order to determine the true weldability of steels, it is necessary to evaluate the C and CE values together.

  • % CE ≤ 0,30: The ability to weld can be very good without any action.
  • 0,30 <% CE <0,55: Can be welded using appropriate welding material and appropriate temperature.
  • % CE ≥ 0.55: can be welded by special welding practices.

Surface Coating Suitablity:

The qualities produced by the notation of S235JR, S275JR, S355JR within the scope of EN 10025-2: 2004 can be produced in Class 1 or Class 3 in accordance with hot dip method for galvanizing.