We are the proof of value that Turkey and steel added to each other for four generations.




Mustafa Gazioğlu – CEO


Born in 1951 in Kayseri, completed his elementary and secondary education in his hometown. He moved to Istanbul for his higher education and graduated from Yıldız Technical University’s Mechanical Engineering department. He took responsibility in all processes of Demir Sac Galvaniz Inc. From its founding to mill management and then board membership. With the experience he gained from the family companies, he founded his own brand in 1987 which would be the base of Gazi Metal. He has been the CEO of Gazi Metal since 1987 and he is married with two kids.



Mehmet Gazioğlu – Vice Chairman


Mehmet Gazioğlu was born in Istanbul in 1977. He graduated from Management Department at Bryant University in USA and returned to the family company. By having the knowledge of iron-steel operation processes since his early ages; he started leading Gazi Metal’s institutionalization, production, investment, growth and branding processes with the academical success he had. Being an entrepreneur; Mehmet Gazioğlu owns a film firm. He is  an contemporary artist. He’s been the vice chairman of Gazi Metal since 2001 and he has two kids.



Emir Gazioğlu – Board Member

Emir Gazioğlu was born in Istanbul in 1979. He completed his higher education at Leghigh University’s Finance Department in USA. After returning to Istanbul, he decided to utilize his knowledge and experience in the family company. He is managing the finance, marketing, sales and steel service center processes at Gazi Metal and he is married with three kids.