From the danger of losing sight, to foreseeing the future...


Mustafa Gazioğlu went through the danger of losing sight because of an incident where acid splashed to his eyes, while he was managing Demir Sac Galvaniz. Eventhough that day seemed like an unfortunate day for him, after that incident he realized how passionate he was for his job and he decided to establish Gazi Metal.


Gazi Metal Mamulleri Ind. And Trade Ltd. Co. started trading steel at Karaköy Perşembe Pazarı in 1987. Quality and trust have always been the core values of Gazi Metal and therefore, we grew day-by-day.


In 1998, Ferga Metal Ind. & Trade Incorp. Co. was established after becoming partners with Dutch Ferco BV as a steel service center. In 2001, all shares transferred to Turkish partners and became totally local. In 2004, the company became what it is today and had been a pioneer since then. Taking lessons from yesterday and planning future is a principle for Gazi Metal. In 2014, Gazi Metal built 5th cold rolling  facility of Turkey and broke the routine.


In it’s 94th year, Gazi Metal continues producing that’s called ‘unproducable’ and keeps showing the difference.